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Tutorials All natural ingredients come from our garden. Enjoy!

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is believed to have soothing properties that restore smooth supple skin. Studies have shown that moisturizers containing aloe vera extract may be effective at improving skin hydration. Aloe creams have a calming effect on the skin and have been shown to help reduce itchiness and inflammation.

Pomegranate Tincture

Pomegranate has been valued for its nutritional and medicinal benefits for thousands of years. The fruit, seeds, peel, bark, and leaves of the plant have been extensively used in the ancient Ayurveda system of medicine to treat a wide variety of health conditions, from diarrhea and intestinal worms to cardiovascular issues and hemorrhoids.

Mint Body Scrub

The soothing and refreshing properties of mint oil help relieve stress and relax muscles. It also brightens dull skin. Grapeseed oil is also a fantastic moisturizer. In addition, it tightens pores, fights aging and won\'t clog your pores.

Decorative Fragrant Lavender Bag

The English word “lavender” probably comes from Latin “lavare” meaning “to wash.” The origin of the modern name refers to the ancient tradition of using lavender in perfumed oils for bathing, as practiced in the times of the Roman Empire.

Drying Herbs

Sage and Oregano are loaded with antioxidants that are linked to several health benefits, including improved brain function and lower cancer risk.


The fiber is the primary reason for growing cotton. But the seeds are used for animal feed and human use (cottonseed oil). The plant stalks are tilled back in the soil after harvesting.

Relaxing Lavender Bath

Lavender oil is a popular aromatherapy choice for sleep and relaxation. Several studies show using lavender oil for aromatherapy can improve sleep quality, including in people with insomnia, depression, and anxiety.