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What is important for the mental health, lavender water is used as a sedative, silencing the central nervous system. It reduces stress and a sense of anxiety and also works as a remedy for insomnia. Lavender has analgestic properties, so it is succesfully used with migraines and headaches. Lavender water cause possitive effects for the skin: soothing and antiseptic.
Thyme is characterized by asceptic and antibacterial effects, so it relieves symptoms associated with throat infections. Due to its use as a diastolic agent, it supports the proper functioning of the digestive system. In addition, it’s a fantastic plant that can help you reduce stress. Drink it in the evening with a bit of honey to soothe your nerves and let you fall asleep easily.



Passiflora is used in the treatment of depression, neurotic disorders, ADHD or insomnia. The plant is a rich source of fiber, which helps fight cardiovascular diseases and reduces cholesterol. Eating Passionfruit supports natural immunity, improves condition of the skin and memory.
The herb is loaded with antioxidants that improve brain function and lower cancer risk. It may relieve diarrhea, supports bone health and combats skin aging. Sage can help reduce the intensivity and frequency of menopause symptoms, such as hot flashes and irritability.



Did you know that Marigolds are more than just pretty flowers? They are used for: homemade skin treatment, digestive-soothing tea, immune-boosting formula and eye, genital or skin infection treatment. Health benefits: Lowers inflammation and free radical damage. Reduces eye inflammation and conjunctivitis. Marigold has natural anticeptic properties. Can help reduce hemorrhoid pain. Eases cramps and spasms.
The herb is used to stimulate appetite, improve digestion, soothe colic and lessen intestinal gas production. It can help deal with dementia, nervousness or anxiety. Angelica is used to improve sex drive or increase urine production. Drinking infusion of roots may help get rid of fever, runny nose or trouble sleeping.


Handmade Soaps

Rosmarinic acid contained in Rosemary prevents depression and at the same time calms you down.Modern research has shown that Rosemary can protect against stomach ulcers and works protective on liver. Rosemary extract helps to increase insulin levels and lower blood glucose levels, so it has antidiabetic properties.
Handmade natural rose and cinnamon soaps perfect as a gift.

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