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Become a club member of MEDFLORA MUSEUM and among other benefits receive a priority pass to join Kykeon galas, which are herbal wine tasting symposiums according to the standards of ancient philosophical gatherings.

Kykeon (Gr. Κυκεών from verb κυκάω /kykao/ means “to stir”, “to mix”), was a favorite ancient Greek drink of various descriptions. Some were made of water, barley and herbs. Some others made of wine, grated cheese and herbs. It is widely believed that a secret description of kykeon was the way to induce ecstatic conditions during the Eleusinian Mysteries. According to the Homeric Hymn to Demeter, the Goddess refused the red wind but accepted kykeon mixed with leaves of a plant of the mint family.

MEDFLORA MUSEUM organizes Kykeon galas all over the year, usually on Friday night in Athamantia plaza. Participants have the opportunity to taste traditional wines of Cyprus, Kykeons, enjoy music and company and discuss with specialists about a variety of interesting art and science subjects.

For more information to become Medflora Museum Club Member in order to participate in Kykeon galas click here